Find the Benefits of Buying or Leasing at Vachon Ford


Here at Vachon Ford, when you spot the right new vehicle you know you want to drive home in, that's a wonderful feeling. The next step is choosing how you're going to finance the vehicle and you get two options: buying or leasing. Many people aren't sure which course of action is right for them, but that's what we're here to help with and we want you to know the differences and which option appeals to what kind of driver!

When you're looking to lease, you're paying a monthly payment that is generally lower over a set period of time. That time is usually a three-year period. In that time, you have mileage restrictions, meaning you can't go over a set amount by the end of your lease, of you'll be charged for overages. There's also a wear and use guideline so you have to be sure to take the right care of your model, which is pretty simple considering the vehicle will be under warranty for many things throughout the duration of the lease. With a lease, at the end of it you get the option to enter a new lease for a brand-new vehicle, or if you like your current vehicle you can purchase it at its remaining residual value. You can also opt to go in a different direction.

Leasing works for people who want a short-term commitment and like to change things up. If you have normal driving habits and generally don't exceed over 10,000 miles per year on a vehicle, it's a good option for you.

With buying, you're agreeing to finance and find a payment plan based on your down payment and more and you'll make payments on the vehicle until you've paid it off, which at that point you're done and you own the vehicle outright, and won't have any more payments. Buying works for those who know they're in it for the long haul with a vehicle, or they drive a lot and put plenty of miles on it with a big daily commute or like to drive and travel to far off places often.

There's benefits in it for everyone and we can help you determine if buying or leasing is right for you when you stop into Vachon Ford serving Brooklyn, CT along with Canterbury, Auburn, Webster, Putnam, Plainfield, Coventry, Pawtucket, Providence, Cranston and Foster and get started today!

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