Celebrate the Fall Season with Vachon Ford and Service Your Vehicle Today


Fall is fully here and along with it comes the many activities. We've all done the apple picking, just wrapped up Halloween, and Thanksgiving and the holiday season is around the corner. With the changing of the seasons, it's always a good idea to plan ahead, and we're not just talking about making sure you have the snow shovels out, but also caring for your vehicle. That's because there are plenty of fall and winter services that will give your car the power it needs to get through the colder months, and our service center here at Vachon Ford can help!

We offer many fall and winter vehicle service checks, which includes having your fluid checked to make sure everything is leveled, plus getting an oil change if you haven't had one in a while is always a good idea. With clean engine oil and your fluids topped off you can be assured of a smooth ride, and if it gets below freezing and cold that they won't freeze up, which is what happens when you have low fluid levels.

Along with that, drivers in the likes of Brooklyn, CT along with Canterbury, Auburn, Webster and Putnam can get a battery check or a new battery installation done with our service center. Making sure your battery levels are good enough to get your through those cold mornings when you have to start up your vehicle. If you're in need of a replacement we have all the quality batteries that are built to last and can install them for you.

A heating check is also a good idea as our service team can inspect hoses and filters to make sure your vehicle can heat your cabin efficiently and warm you and your passengers up on those cold days, while we also recommend having a good set of snow tires, and can install a set for you as well so you have traction and grip of the road in the winter and fall elements.

Our service center would be happy to set up an appointment for fall services for those in Plainfield, Coventry, Pawtucket, Providence, Cranston, and Foster so contact us and we can get started today.

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